Investment into rare coins can start as a hobby and become a very smart way of creating an investment. When investing in rare coins, it can provide a significant medium to long-term benefit. The value of a coin is related to the difficulty to obtain a coin and the demand is generated for that specific coin. Generally, the rarer the coin, the greater the value. The world’s rarest coin is the South African “Single 9” that was minted in 1899.

Nelson Mandela coins are a welcome addition to any coin enthusiast’s collection. All Nelson Mandela coins were produced by the South African Mint.
For a Nelson Mandela Coin to have value, the following requirements are needed:
1. Coin must be uncirculated, Mint State or Proof (Untouched)
2. Graded by International grading companies (Only NGC or PCGS)
3. Certificate of Purchase with the name of the purchaser.

These are the different options when purchasing PROOF Nelson Mandela Coins. Be aware that Proof coins are different from Mint State Coins.

Warm Autumn Investments’ aim is to help you grow your rare coin. Remember, as per the date of this blog, no Capital Gains Tax or other taxes are payable on resale of Mandela coins, as well as No Estate duties are payable.

If you have a specific interest in making a large investment in the Commemorative 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela R5 coins, contact us by following the link on our webpage.

We are excited to announce that World Coin News confirmed that the rare R5 Nelson Mandela coins are the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world!

Investors’ Tip

Warm Autumn Investments, like any other organisation, cannot guarantee a floating investment. A floating investment is one that moves up and down in accordance with the general conditions of the market. Like rare coins, shares, property etc.

 We advise all investor in this regard to use common sense.