As with most good investments, rare coin investors should be investing for the medium to long term. This means that rare coin investments should be held between 3 – 5 years. Almost any good investment throughout the world today takes some time to build growth momentum. One should take the same investment attitude with the opportunity Warm Autumn Investments presents through its investment opportunity in the Commemorative 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela R5. A rare coin will always increase in value over the long term. It stands to reason that a rare coin will become rarer with the passage of time; all the more so if it is made even more unique through being a commemorative coin, in memory of a global legend.

There are times when the market moves at a fast pace and profit opportunities present themselves in less than a year, but this is not the norm.

The greatest profits made in investments around the world are generally done over the long term. To put it simply, if you find a really great investment, stick with it as long as the overall trend is upward. It will pay you to hold onto the investment. Every single investment in the world follows a path that includes peaks and valleys. In other words, there will be times when an investment’s value increases and there are times when it may lose value.