About Us

How it all started

The 1994 inauguration of President Nelson Mandela had its own R 5 coin minted. The coin immediately became a collector’s item and grew to R 50 in the same year – which is a tenfold increase. It is, therefore, reasonable to believe that the 90th Birthday coin will remain a valuable object of investment for a long time.
Nelson Mandela’s dream was to see people prosper. The coin is not a magic wand that will make everybody rich overnight, but it is a tool that can be used to place thousands and possibly millions of people on the path to prosperity. It has already happened for many, and with the appropriate guidance and financial support, many more people’s lives can be changed for the better.
The issue of saving and the complexities thereof has been raised as a concern by the SA Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan. This problem is not unique to South Africa but a worldwide phenomenon. The coins are probably one of the easy ways of encouraging people to save money while going about their daily lives. By buying a few coins and allowing them to circulate for a few months or years, one is guaranteed a return, better than most commercial banks.

The Opportunity

Warm Autumn Investments specialises in creating unique investment opportunities in the biggest 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela Coin repository.
We were offered the amazing opportunity to acquire the product at 70% and more below market value. This opened a window of investment opportunity to be shared with suitable prospects.
The MS graded coins have shown an unprecedented growth due to its affiliation with world-renowned Statesman, leader and
 the icon of South Africa: Nelson Mandela.
The growing demand for the product by far exceeds the availability and this created an immaculate environment for capital growth.
Warm Autumn Investments are not bound by a specific country and offer this unique investment opportunity on a global scale.
Our operation is based and operated in the beautiful country of South Africa.